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Creative Wonders Therapy Center in White Plains, NY offers exceptional therapies including occupational therapy, speech therapy and therapeutic listening. Please read the testimonials about our therapists and services to get an idea of our expertise.  

Rave Reviews

David Green is a GEM!
He always goes above and beyond my expectations. He has been working with my daughter, Jillian for the past 6 years on both sensory and fine motor skills. David maintains a friendly, positive disposition at all times. Jillian loves going for her occupational therapy and enjoys celebrating her progress and accomplishments.

The staff at Creative Wonders are upbeat and welcoming.
I highly recommend Creative Wonders!
It is simply, "THE BEST!"

- Meredith G.,
Kindergarten Teacher

My family has had a relationship with David, Ralph, and the fantastic team at Creative Wonders for five years. Our two children have had the opportunity to play and learn at this facility as toddlers and in preschool. With their help, each experienced tremendous growth and progress. The team at Creative Wonders is professional, proactive, compassionate, knowledgeable, talented, approachable and flexible. They help the children to feel safe and loved, and make therapy fun. I have and will continue to recommend Creative Wonders to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for all that you do!  

- Jen R 

I can truthfully say that I don't know where my family would be without the therapists at Creative Wonders. David, Ralph, and their staff have helped my two children grow beyond their delays, and not only keep up, but excel. Sometimes I think they've taught them TOO well, especially when my four year old can't stop talking and my 2 year old won't stop running and jumping! The staff and Creative Wonders is resourceful, caring, and are experts in their fields. They really have grown to be part of our family. I know our day to day lives would be very different if not for this center. I will forever be grateful for everything they've done to help my family.  

- Alicia S

To Whom it May Concern,
Creative Wonders is a place that our family has been a part of for several years. It is a warm, nurturing environment for children to feel successful on many different levels. The quality of care is what you would want for your child, exceptional and understanding. The professional therapists are highly skilled individuals that effectively work on goals for each and every child. They are informative and resourceful. The therapist to parent communication is continual, and individualized for every child. They are warm and welcoming to all. Most importantly, Creative Wonders is very understanding to every families needs. They respect the child as a whole, and are flexible with their approaches.

David Green and Ralph Schrader are highly competent business professionals with proven excellence in their profession. The quality of care they provide for their clients is outstanding. Creative Wonders is a place that has provided a variety of services for our son and family to successfully reach special education goals. We are fortune to have such a wonderful program in our lives…. one that will always be in our hearts.  

- Margaret S
Rye, NY


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