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  • David Green, OTR/L

David Green is a dedicated pediatric occupational therapist who has been working with children with special needs including autism, PDD, ADHD, cerebral palsy and overall developmental delays for 15 years. In addition to working in the OT field, he has also worked extensively as a swim instructor, waterfront director and as a counselor for many years with the special needs population. After a year of working as a special education teacher in Bushwick, Brooklyn, he went to New York University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. He graduated in April of 1999 after taking an additional specialized pediatric clinical affiliation to ensure he had the training he needed to excel in the pediatric field. After three years of working as a New York City District Occupational Therapist in both elementary and high school, as well as providing homecare services for the NYC Early Intervention program, he moved to Westchester to pursue providing homecare to early intervention, pre-school and school aged children. David Green’s dream of opening up a state of the art sensory gym to provide treatment for children all ages and disabilities had unfolded.  

David Green and his friend and partner Ralph Schrader have worked together for nearly 10 years
to provide individualized and extensive therapy to the pediatric special needs population of
Westchester, NY. David Green has extensive training in a variety of intervention techniques for
helping children with special needs including sensory integration, therapeutic listening, vision, DAN, Brain gym, NDT, Floortime and handwriting. David Green uses an eclectic and holistic approach to
therapy ensuring that each individual client has a customized treatment plan to ensure optimal progress
and overall development.

David Green currently lives with his wife and 3 children in Northern Westchester. When he is not at work, David Green enjoys listening to music, participating in triathlons and spending time and exercising with his family. David Green’s wife Laura is a dual certified Regular and Special Needs educator in Westchester. All 3 of their children have received EI and CPSE services and his oldest is still receiving services at the elementary school level (CSE) with a diagnosis of dyslexia. David Green continues to understand and be compassionate as a therapist, administrator, advocate and as a parent being on “both” sides of therapy and special education meetings.  

  • Ralph Schrader, OTR/L 

Ralph is a native New Yorker who attained his B.A. in Psychology from St. John’s University. After three years of teaching the blind and developmentally delayed at AABR, he returned to school to receive his M.A. in Occupational Therapy from New York University. Ralph’s first pediatric position was with AHRC, an early intervention and preschool in Brooklyn where he provided OT intervention to children with a wide range of neurological and orthopedic diagnoses. Since that time Ralph has been contracted by the NYC Board of Education and NYC Early Intervention program to provide evaluations and treatment to infants, toddlers, and school –aged children at home and in the school.

In 2005, Ralph was fortunate to unite with David Green, OTR/L to found Creative Wonders. He is honored to work with a very diverse team of therapists with a shared philosophy of providing a holistic approach to children with special needs and their families. Ralph currently specializes in evaluations and treatments for infants, toddlers and school- aged children, having extensive experience with a wide range of diagnoses including Down’s Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, prematurity, sensory integration disorders, hyper/hypotonia, and developmental delays. He has additional training in Sensory Integration, The Therapeutic Listening Program, Neurodevelopmental Training (NDT), Motor- control/ motor-learning, splinting/serial casting, Kinesiotaping and Early Motor Skill Acquisition. He has also researched and utilized other non traditional approaches such as Far Infrared Sauna Therapy as an effective method for removing both chemical and metal toxins from the body.

Ralph currently lives on Long Island with his wife and three kids. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family, studying jazz, exploring nutrition, playing cards, and practicing jiu jitsu.  

If you would like to contact Ralph you can call him at Creative Wonders Therapy Center at (914)-421-8270 or e-mail him at:



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